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Funding Awarded 2015


Click on underlined investigator names to link to publications arising from this research.

Limited Budget Support

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Chris Lewis
0.1 FTE salary support to enable research activities
Annika Winbo
To facilitate training in cellular cardiac electrophysiology, specifically for obtaining quality recordings from beating cardia myocytes
Tom Gentles/Kathryn Rice
Detection of lever and renal abnormalities after the Fontan procedure
Tom Gentles/Tim Hornung
Contribution to the NHMRC partnership grant for Australia and NZ Fontan registry
$16,400 (not taken up)
Brian Anderson
Characterisation of the pharmacokinetics of routine prophylactic antibiotics in order to improve dosing regimens when given to children undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass surgery
David Crossman/Peter Ruygrok
Structure of the human aortic valve - improving outcomes of allograft aortic valve replacement by detailed structural evaluation of unused clinical donor valves

Project Support

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Alison Leversha
Rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease: system review

Senior Fellowships

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Dr Pau Medrano-Gracia
(Year 2)
Improving coronary stenting design and patient outcomes

PhD Scholarship

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Ghaz Jabur
Effect of emboli exposure on cerebral autoregulation during cardiopulmonary bypass

Centennial Travel Award for Nurses, Technical, and Paramedical Staff

Centennial Travel Award was awarded to Jinbo Liu Ellison for 2015

Mornington Brennan Nurses Scholarship

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Mary-Anne Ross
University fees 2015
Monique Reid
University fees 2015

Travel/Conference Support

International Conferences Domestic Conferences
Green Lane Travel Award $12,000 $3,000
Nursing/Technical/Paramedical $15,493 $3,031

Salary Support

John Neutze Scholarship
Recipient Professor Harvey White 

Other Salary Support

Administrative Support
Karishma Sidhu (Biostatistics),  Charlene Nell (Desktop Administrator), Michelle D'Souza (Cardiovascular Research Unit),

Restricted funds released

Research support, research salary support, travel support, transplant fellowship, Auckland Medical Research Museum (Brave Hearts exhibition), GL Dinner