Travel Funding

Application Closing dates: 24 January, 15 April, 15 July and 14 October

Trustee Review dates: 9 February, 4 May, 3 August and 3 November

Financial assistance to attend national and international conferences will be awarded by the Trustees quarterly.

To be eligible, applicants must be current clinical employees of ADHB from one of the five departments represented by the fund. Medical staff receiving CPE are not normally eligible.

Travel funding must be used within one year of being awarded for travel from and return to, or within, New Zealand. Funding will be forfeited if not used within a 12-month period unless written approval for a time extension is obtained from the Trustees. Funding cannot be used for travel from an overseas base except under special circumstances in which case prior permission must be obtained in writing from the Trustees.

Guide for Applicants Download

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Green Lane Travel Awards

At the beginning of each year (4 February 2022), each department is able to nominate a staff member to receive a $3000 travel award. Contact your Service Clinical Director rather than the department's Trustee.