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Limited Budget Support - $16,724

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Dr Ivor Gerber The long-term effects of aortic valve replacement for severe aortic stenosis on amino-terminal B-type natriuretic peptide. $ 2,000
(not taken up)
Dr Nigel Lever Contribution to a funding package to be used for a randomised clinical trial comparing the continued use of warfarin therapy in patients undergoing pacemaker device implantation versus current standard practice. $14,724


Project Support - $234,241

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Dr Shay McGuinness A multiple blind randomized controlled trial of sodium bicarbonate in cardiac surgery patients at high-risk of acute kidney injury $85,118
Dr Richard Douglas The role of bacterial and fungal biofilms on the pathogenesis of chronic rhinosinusitis $48,000
Prof Alan Merry Multimodal, clinical assessment of a system to reduce error during anaesthesia $38,425
Prof Alan Merry OSCI Trial (Optimising Sedation for Cardiac Intensive Care) $62,698


Senior Fellowship - $0.00

There were no Fellowships awarded in 2008

PhD Scholarship - $105,000

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Ms Jacqui Hannam Modelling for Awareness Prediction and Simulation (the MAPS Studies $105,000


Centennial Travel Award: Nurses, Technical and Paramedical Staff - $5,000

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Ms Liz Painter To enhance knowledge of the application of current emerging psychological theories, models and interventions for those patients with cardiac conditions at ADHB and transplant patients from NZ who benefit from psychological treatment $5,000


Travel/Conference Support - $59,428

  International Conferences Domestic Conferences
Senior Registrar Travel Award $15,000 -
Medical (only for those who do not receive CME)   $ 4,900 $2,200
Nursing/Technical/Paramedical $32,028 $5,300


Salary Support - $246,099

John Neutze Scholarship
Professor Harvey White

Other Salary Support
Dr Nigel Lever

Administrative Support
Irene Zeng (Biostatistics), Barbara Semb (Research Support), Nicky Hashfield (Cardiovascular Research Unit)