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Limited Budget Support - $47,445

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Ms Alaina Francis To determine whether significant differences in physiological responses exist between underwater hockey players and healthy controls $21,460
Dr Mike Gillham To complete a prospective pilot study of novel diagnostic biomarkers in patients with clinically suspected non-occlusive mesenteric ischaemia $11,457
Dr Shay McGuinness Contribution to study to assess the safety, feasibility and brain biomarker effect of 24 hours of therapeutic hypercapnia in patients admitted to ICU after cardiac arrest $10,275
Dr Andrew McKee One year subscription for unlimited users to intensive care educational website $4,253


Project Support - $284,449

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Dr Clair King Correlation of functional and morphological change in the aging lung $73,466
Dr Margaret Wilsher To determine whether conservative management of primary spontaneous pneumothorax is an effective, safe and acceptable therapeutic option $42,500
Drs John Ormiston & Mark Webster Construction of a coronary artery anatomical atlas for PCI $50,000
Dr Jonathon Skinner Targeted next generation sequencing to identify the genetic causes of heritable cardiac disorders $48,882
Dr Richard Douglas Studies of chronic rhinosinusitis $69,601


Senior Fellowship - $0.00

There were no Fellowships awarded in 2013

PhD Scholarship - $0.00

There were no PhD Scholarships awarded in 2013

Centennial Travel Award: Nurses, Technical, and Paramedical Staff - $0.00

There were no Centennial Travel Award for Nurses, Technical, and Paramedical Staff awarded in 2013

Travel/Conference Support - $78,561

  International Conferences Domestic Conferences
Green Lane Travel Award $15,000 -
Medical (only for those who do not receive CME)   $ 3,940 $5,831
Nursing/Technical/Paramedical $51,947 $1,843


Salary Support - $298,781

John Neutze Scholarship
Recipient Professor Harvey White 

Other Salary Support
Professor Ralph Stewart (Cardiology) 

Administrative Support
Karishma Sidhu (Biostatistics), Noelle Balbas (Physiology), Charlene Nell (Desktop Administrator), Lyn Mellor/Frances Douglas (Cardiovascular Research Unit)


Restricted Funds released - $133,739

Transplant Fellowship salary support,  Research support, Travel support , TB Conference organization