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Limited Budget Support - $20,000

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Dr Anthony Kueh To evaluate the utility of cardiac CT in left ventricular thrombus $20,000


Project Support - $200,000

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Dr Mark Webster Intra-arterial vasodilators to prevent vascular spasm during radial access angiography and intervention: a cluster-randomised, crossover trial $50,000
Dr Paget Milsom Tiusse Engineered Heart Valves: Novel Decellularisation Techniques $100,000
Dr Jocelyne Benatar Do beta-blockers improve outcomes after heart attachks - a feasibiity study $50,000


Senior Fellowship - $120,000

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Dr Patricia Ding (year 3) Three projects planned under the PhD thesis
1) Left ventricular thrombus project: Professor Ralph Stewart, Dr Jith Somaratne
2) Bifurcation stenting project: Associate Professor Mark Webster, Professor John Ormiston
3) Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy project: Professor Ralph Stewart


PhD Scholarship - $0.00

There were no PhD Scholarships awarded in 2019


Centennial Travel Award: Nurses, Technical, and Paramedical Staff - $0.00

There were no Centennial Travel Awards awarded in 2019


Mornington Brennan Nurses Scholarship - $5,000

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Ms Hannah Flett Nursing 703 A&B Paediatric Cardiac Speciality Nursing $2,500
Ms Yeshi Dolma Nursing 773 Advance Assessment and Clinical Reasoning $2,500


Travel/Conference Support - $44,704.20

  International Conferences Domestic Conferences
Green Lane Travel Award $8,281.68 $4,427.70
Nursing/Technical/Paramedical $16,934.10 $3,597.31


Salary Support - $303,208.46

John Neutze Scholarship
Recipient Professor Harvey White 

Administrative Support
Eli Dimalapang (Biostatistics), Charlene Nell (Desktop Administrator), Michele D’Souza (Cardiovascular Research Unit)


Restricted Funds released - $188,400.29

Research support, Research Salary support, Travel support, Transplant Fellowship, Auckland Medical Museum (Brave Hearts exhibition), GL Dinner