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22 Mar 2017

Margaret Wilsher

Margaret was awarded $20,000 to develop functional MRI capabilities at the Centre for Advance MRI (CAMRI) to measure regional lung function. Read more

22 Mar 2017

Tom Gentles

Tom was awarded $20,000 to build a unique population-based registry from New Zealand’s only paediatric and congenital cardiac surgical programme. Read more

24 Oct 2016

Eileen Gilder

The 2016 PhD Scholarship, valued at $105,000 over 3 years, has been awarded to Eileen Gilder, a research nurse based in CVICU. Read more

26 Sep 2016

Rachael Parke

Rachael is a previous recipient of the GLREF PhD Scholarship who successfully completed her thesis which was awarded in 2014. Read more

29 Jul 2016

Tom Gentles and John Kolbe

Tom was awarded $19,992 to enable the introduction of pulse oximetry screening in a rural setting as part of a study investigating the feasibility of introducing a nationwide screening programme.
John was awarded $20,000 for his project ‘Lung Clearance Index: Validating measures of airway dysfunction.’ Read more

29 Jul 2016

Kathryn Waddell-Smith

Kathryn is a Fellow in Cardiac Inherited Diseases working in PCCS, Starship. She received funding of $20,000 to explore reasons behind beta-blocker adherence, or lack thereof, amongst patients with familial long QT syndrome types 1 and 2. Read more

18 Apr 2016

2015 Funding Summary

In 2015 GLREF awarded fractionally under $1m for research, education and research salaries. Read more

18 Apr 2016

Sarah Fitzsimons

In 2014 Sarah successfully conducted research comparing the prevalence of anaemia and iron deficiency in patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction vs patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. Read more

18 Apr 2016

Mark Webster

$50,000 was awarded to Mark Webster for his project ‘Fasting before coronary angiography and intervention’ which will investigate whether fasting for 4-6 hours is necessary before elective coronary angiography and intervention. Read more

18 Apr 2016

Krish Chaudhuri

Krish Chaudhuri has been awarded $50,000 for the “COMCAB study” – the preoperative use of patient-specific predictive computer modelling to aid cardiac surgeon decision-making for coronary artery bypass grafting surgery strategies. Read more

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