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Funding Awarded 2013


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Limited Budget Support

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Alaina Francis
To determine whether significant differences in physiological responses exist between underwater hockey players and healthy controls $21,460
Dr Mike Gillham To complete a prospective pilot study of novel diagnostic biomarkers in patients with clinically suspected non-occlusive mesenteric ischaemia $11,457
Dr Shay McGuinness Contribution to study to assess the safety, feasibility and brain biomarker effect of 24 hours of therapeutic hypercapnia in patients admitted to ICU after cardiac arrest $10,275
Dr Andrew McKee
One year subscription for unlimited users to intensive care educational website  $4,253

Project Support

Principle Investigator Project Title Amount Awarded
Dr Clair King Correlation of functional and morphological change in the aging lung $73,466
Dr Margaret Wilsher To determine whether conservative management of primary spontaneous pneumothorax is an effective, safe and acceptable therapeutic option $42,500
Drs John Ormiston & Mark Webster
Construction of a coronary artery anatomical atlas for PCI  $50,000
Dr Jonathon Skinner
Targeted Next Generation Sequencing to identify the genetic causes of heritable cardiac disorders  $48,882
Dr Richard Douglas
Studies of chronic rhinosinusitis  $69,601

Senior Fellowships

There were no fellowships awarded in 2013

PhD Scholarship

There were no PhD scholarships awarded in 2013

Centennial Travel Award for Nurses, Technical, and Paramedical Staff

There were no centennial travel awards for nurses, technical, and paramedical staff awarded in 2013

Travel / Conference Support

  International Conferences Domestic Conferences
Green Lane Travel Award $15,000 -
Medical (only for those who do not receive CME) $3,940 $5,831
Nursing/Technical/Paramedical $51,947 $1,843

Salary Support

John Neutze Scholarship
Recipient Professor Harvey White 

Other Salary Support
Professor Ralph Stewart (Cardiology) 

Administrative Support
Karishma Sidhu (Biostatistics), Noelle Balbas (Physiology), Charlene Nell (Desktop Administrator), Lyn Mellor/Frances Douglas (Cardiovascular Research Unit),

Restricted funds released

Transplant Fellowship salary support,  research support, travel support , TB Conference organization